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Soho+Noho Residence, Moscow

Project Info:

Location: Moscow, Rusia
Client: Antyapı and Wainbridge
Started: 2017
Completed: 2019
Typology: Residential
Total Construction Area: 40.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

Located in Moscow’s developing residence area Bumazhny, in the center of business and social life next to one of the important symbols of the city, the White Square, Soho+Noho Residence’s architectural project is undertaken by Metex Studio Erk.

The dual residence complex containing 338 flats in total, their sizes ranging from 25 m² to 224  m², is designed to offer an exclusive life style with its annexes such as fitness center, swimming pool, recreation room and cinema hall. Constructed on a land plot where old factory buildings are situated, the project’s front facade abuts on the avenue and pedestrian walk and its rear facade on the railway. In order to obtain the most effective result considering the narrow and long structure of the land plot, a long podium is designed to be situated in the direction of the view and these two residence towers are placed on this line by making an effective use of the empty areas where the entrance and exit of vehicles can be enabled and and which can also be reserved as a socializing area. The back and forth fragmentations of different heights providing a dynamic appearance on the facade are designed with the aim of providing an uninterrupted domination of the view on the terraces and balconies besides their aesthetical contribution.

The ongoing project is planned to be accomplished within the year 2020.

Architecture Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team: Kağan Erk
Duygu Aksu, Tamer İnan, Barış Terzi, Kevser İhvan, Pınar Olgaç, Aysu Bastoncu, Bülent Saydam