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Poklonnaya Residence, Moscow

Project Info:

Location: Moscow, Rusya
Client: Antyapı ve Antteq
Started: 2018
Completed: 2019
Typology: Hospitality and Residential
Total Construction Area: 90.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

Located in the historical center of Moscow and standing out with its modern architecture, Poklonnaya Residence’s architectural and interior design project is undertaken by Metex Studio Erk.

Dominating the cityscape thanks to its exclusive location, Poklonnaya Residence aims at integrating luxury and comfort to its contemporary and original architectural plan in its combined residence and hotel building. The idea of fulfilling different tastes and flexible needs of use by creating alternative typologies and styles has a determining role in the design plan. The meticulously detailed layout plans are gathered under three different titles of style, namely, minimalist, classical and industrial. While designs are featured where geometric forms in minimalist style meet simple and contemporary lines, a different atmosphere is set up with designs reflecting a classical style by using materials such as brass and cut glass, and with a cosy, elegant fireplace. The loft type which is the most distinct reflection of the industrial style is emphasized with masculine materials such as metal, wood, concrete and brick and the meeting point of each different flat type is created by associating them with art. Without ignoring the role of balance between space and functionality in offering an ideal interior space, Metex Studio Erk aims at making the users feel the experience of being in a unique design while offering maximum comfort. Believing under the light of its experience that a good design plan should be timeless and flexible in order to meet future expectations or be open to adaptations, the team accordingly reflects its attention for the details to the interior spaces with selections of durable materials and refined designs.

The construction of the project that has started in 2019 still continues.

Architecture Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team: Kağan Erk
Duygu Aksu, Tamer İnan, Barış Terzi, Kevser İhvan, Pınar Olgaç  

Interior Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team:  Hüray Erk
Efsun Gürsoy, Özgür Karakılıç, Nermin Veliyeva, Süleyman Kınık, Ecem Altıntaş, Bülent Saydam