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Gezi Hotel Bosphorus

Project Info:

Location: İstanbul, Taksim
Client: Atay Turizm
Started: 2010
Completed: 2011
Typology: Hospitality
Building Plot Area: 365 m²
Total Construction Area: 4.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

Located at Taksim, the city center of Istanbul, at a unique spot in terms of urban memory, Gezi Hotel Bosphorus was built in 1950s and pulled down in 2011 when Metex Design Group undertook the design of its architectural and interior design projects. Referring to the architecture of the period, a new design plan has been created for the building updated with a timeless understanding of design, making use of 3 facades facing the road to Gezi Park, the Bosphorus and Taşkışla. With its diamond cut, titanium zinc coated, large curved surface facing the Taşkışla direction, it is the last building on the corner of Mete Avenue.

In the renewal project of Gezi Hotel Bosphorus, which is located at one of the exclusive spots of Istanbul, ideas have been delicately included in the design, interpreting the traditional with a contemporary attitude such as bay window details which relate to the identity of the historical buildings at Taksim and its surroundings and strengthen its connection to the street where it is located. While making use of the square meters of the 365 m² plot area in the most efficient way is prioritized, the interior design of the hotel with 12 bedroom storeys and 77 rooms in total includes details referring to the abstract-geometric forms of Dutch Painter Piet Mondrian and creates the center of the main axis where art, design and functionality meet.

Architecture Design: Metex Design Group
Team:  Kağan Erk, Sinan Kafadar, Hüray Erk
Reyhan Suoğlu, Selen Gürsoy, Fatih Köstem, Ozan Falay

Interior Design: Metex Design Group
Team:  Hüray Erk, Sinan Kafadar
Pınar Taviloğlu Arkan, Serpil Kandişer, Devrim Göl, Emre Doğan, Faik Mercan