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Fendi Casa Büyükyalı

Project Info:

Location: Kazlıçeşme, İstanbul
Client: Özak, Yenigün, Ziylan and Emlak Konut
Started: 2018
Completed: 2019
Typology: Residential
Total Construction Area: 65.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

A part of the Büyükyalı Istanbul project, the interior design project and implementation of which has been carried out by Metex Studio Erk, Fendi Casa Büyükyalı’s project has been undertaken with the collaboration of the Italian design brand Fendi Casa by depeloping special design solutions. First time in Turkey for a project, the brand has undertaken the design of kitchens and socializing spaces, while Metex Studio Erk has designed the interior design project of 103 residences and taken the responsibility of the project implementation of recreational facilities. By strengthening the emphasis on timelessness through functional and modern solutions in the interior space, functional spaces have been created which can evolve according to potential needs in the future. Through its holistic design approach, the project’s exclusive location and the interior space elements have been delicately associated. A neutral background has been created where materials such as marble and natural wood are used with a natural colour palette. While designs glittering like bronze or dark-coloured designs with metal surfaces have been installed according to diferent styles, special designs have been also added to the project with the collaboration of Fendi Casa and Metex Studio Erk in order to create a difference in the project.

Interior Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team:  Hüray Erk
Nermin Veliyeva, Tamer İnan, Ecem Altıntaş