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Polat Residence

Project Info:

Location: Mahmutbey, İstanbul
Client: İbrahim Polat İnşaat
Started: 2015
Completed: 2020
Typology: Workplace and Residential
Total Construction Area: 40.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

Its architectural project undertaken together by Metex Design Group and Metex Studio Erk and its interior design project undertaken by Metex Studio Erk,  Polat Tower Basın Ekspress is designed as an exclusive meeting route of business and life with its location and project resolutions. The rear facade of the building located on the recently developing Basın Ekspress road faces the Taşocağı Avenue and has an advantage of uninterrupted view due to its location on the highest part of the region. The shape of its ground plot similar to a triangle has a determining role in its design approach. The structure of the 27-storey tower rising with its grandiose form is situated diagonally in a way that it is affected the least from neighbouring buildings. The two narrow facades of the building are finished with circular forms of different diameters. The rear and northern facades are completed with two different gable walls, the edges of which have curvilinear ends, and gaps are provided so that the flats surrounded by these walls can benefit from sunlight on a maximum level. The building where different flat typologies are created on each floor plan is shaped with the aim of offering alternatives according to life styles and needs. Behind its modern architecture and infrastructure built with innovative technologies, the target of sustainability comes to the foreground.

The construction of the project which has started in 2015 still continues

Architecture Design: Metex Design Group & Metex Studio Erk
Team: Kağan Erk
Duygu Erol, Canan Güntürkün Bilgiç , Selen Gürsoy, Gökhan Tüzinoğlu, Bülent Saydam

Interior Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team:  Kağan Erk
Duygu Erol, Meltem Yıldırım, Gökhan Tüzinoğlu, Bülent Saydam