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Nevçarşı Üsküdar, İstanbul

Project Info:

Location: Üsküdar, İstanbul
Client: Kalyon
Started: 2017
Completed: 2020
Typology: Konut ve AVM
Building Plot Area: 30.000 m²
Total Construction Area: 120.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

Located at Üsküdar, one of Anatolia’s oldest residential areas where different cultures come together in harmony in Istanbul, the interior design project and implementation of all the general spaces and stores in the Nevçarşı Shopping Mall is undertaken by Metex Studio Erk.

Located just next to the Üsküdar Municipality building and completely constructed as a combined structure, the building has a direct entrance from the Nevçarşı section. The interior and exterior spaces are connected to each other in the building which has socializing areas also open to the use of the neighbourhood’s residents. Wide landscape areas strengthening the communication with green are matched with selections of natural materials such as natural wood. Aiming at making the residents experience Üsküdar’s historical shopping culture, the Metex Studio Erk team has laid out a design plan fulfilling all the needs with cafés and restaurants, store, market, and cinema hall distributed to outdoor and indoor spaces as well as an activity area where latest technologies are used. Also paying regard to the sustainability principle, the shopping maill has a capacity of 138 stores on an area of 30,000 m².

Interior Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team:  Hüray Erk
Derya Erdoğan, Süleyman Kınık, Bülent Saydam