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Fili Residence, Moskova

Project Info:

Location: Moscow, Rusia
Client: Antyapı and Wainbridge
Started: 2015
Completed: 2017
Typology: Residential
Total Construction Area: 25.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

Located in Moscow, the biggest city and the capital of Russia, within the residence area with an exclusive view of the Moskva River flowing next to it, Fili Residence’s architectural project has been undertaken by Metex Studio Erk. The design team has started out with an approach of constructing a modern and original building in the name of luxury residence architecture not only with its location but also the elements contained in it.

Designed as a high-rise building, Fili Residence has a fragmented structure design in order to reduce its unwieldy appearance due to its dimensions on the scale of the avenue and the street meeting the pedestrian walk and the roadway. The 19-storey residence building is planned as 124 flats in total including the penthouse apartments and it is aimed to have the advantage of the same atmosphere and view on each storey. In order to embrace the view of the Moscow International Business Center, Moscow City, Poklonnaya Gora and the river, the building is separated into three parts with back and forth shiftings. This principle has been also applied on the vertical surface so that the building is fragmented and by withdrawing the obtained differences in height, the domination of the view on the terraces and balconies private to each flat has been strengthened.

Architecture Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team: Kağan Erk
İdil Aygünal, Duygu Aksu, Tamer İnan, Kevser İhvan, Gökhan Tüzinoğlu