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Aquatoria Residence, Moscow

Project Info:

Location: Moscow, Rusia
Client: Antyapı and Wainbridge
Started: 2016
Completed: 2018
Typology: Residential
Total Construction Area: 125.000 m²

Designing The Future With Awareness Of The Past

Offering a modern life intertwined with nature far away from the city center thanks to its precious location on the shore of the Volga River in Moscow, the luxury residence and business complex Aquatoria Residence’s project is undertaken by Metex Studio Erk.

While the land plot where it is situated is considered as a green podium, the elevation level between the entrance side and the river side is among the primary elements determining the design plan. Its two-level floor is planned as two different elevations hosting buildings such as shopping area, fitness center, restaurant and cafe for the residents by making use of the height differences. The mixed structure consisting of 4 residential and 2 office towers is situated by bouncing the placements back and forth so that each building can benefit from the river view on a maximum level and the floor plan is created in a way that the circular shaped masses are in the foreground while lower rise and horizontal, rectangular masses are in the background. In order to provide the continuous flow of sunlight and to carry the green texture inside, narrow and long openings are constructed and included in the design plan.

The construction of the project that has started in 2018 still continues.

Architecture Design: Metex Studio Erk
Team: Kağan Erk
İdil Aygünal, Duygu Aksu, Duygu Erol, Tamer İnan, Barış Terzi, Kevser İhvan, Pınar Olgaç, Aysu Bastoncu, Bülent Saydam