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Design Office Producing Architectural & Interior Solutions

Metex Studio Erk is an award-winning architecture, interior architecture and design office founded in 2016 by the partnership of Sinan Kafadar, Kağan Erk and Hüray Erk.  Kağan Erk and Hüray Erk worked with Sinan Kafadar at Metex Design Group. This work experience evolved into the idea of constructing a new and separate structure.  

Metex Studio Erk distinguishes itself with its holistic approach offering architecture and interior design services together, with its demeanour open to sharing, its sensitivity towards the needs of its clients, its utility-focused process management and its devoted approach offered regardless of scale.

In the light of its know-how and experience, it develops extensive evaluations and unique solutions in each phase of architecture and interior design plans. While providing that the created project identity contained in every step of the project, it aims at maintaining the integrity of the design language in the process stretching from the location of the project to the determination of the artwork to be installed with its team of senior architects and interior designers.

It gives its clients the advantage of obtaining architecture and interior design services together from a single reliable address with an experience of 20 years.


Your Ideas Into Unique Projects

Holistic Approach

Metex Studio Erk distinguishes itself with its power of versatility, analyzing users'; needs and generating solutions by anticipating all future expectations.

Benefit Focused On Communication

Metex Studio Erk stands for open communication. It evaluates needs as a whole in terms of budget, physical conditions, the project's scope, context and duration as well as user's requests, and works on the best design alternatives that are economically applicable.

Global Design Language

Regardless of scale, it undertakes every step regarding architectural planning, implementation, analysis of technical details, interior architecture and design. It maintains the same care in each phase of the process that it focuses on by keeping all its senses busy.


Correct Analysis, Timeless Results

Metex Studio Erk gives priority to the correct analysis of requests and needs to create spaces fulfilling their functions and envisage future expectations. It adopts timelessness as a principle, avoiding temporary trends and singular themes, as well as instant solutions. It introduces rapid, unique and qualified results with its disciplined process management.

It has broadened its proficiency and continues to improve it by reprocessing all its experience each time and conveying it with original ideas to its national and international projects including award-winning projects of tourism facilities, shopping malls, sports complexes, educational buildings, residences, offices and renewal projects.